Explore our site and win a wonderful summer prize!

28 Jun 2022 | News

Our new website contains a lot of information about our products and services. As an added incentive to fully explore the site, we have hidden a number of sperm* in various places around the site.

Find as many as you can and the five with the highest sperm count will win a beautiful and useful picnic basket Just the thing to get your summer off to a good beginning – right from the start.

Hope you will join us!

Last day to join July 31st 2022





(This is what it looks like)

Selected Value: 0
Set the slider above to the correct number.
*) Every sperm has a three-character code. Enter all the codes, with a comma between each.


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ISO 23162 –  new standard for basic semen examination – specification and test methods is now available.! A new international standard for sperm analysis was needed to ensure that the methods are standardized and that they give reliable results. It will be of great...

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Using ProInsert for viscous samples With a viscous sample, it can take quite some time for the sample to pass through the hole in the insert. There is however no need to wait for it to pass, since the centrifugation itself will force it through. The final result will...