CryoFloater Vial

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A simple and stable way of vapour freezing.

The Nidacon CryoFloater is a device designed for use during the cryo-preservation of sperm with liquid nitrogen. CryoFloater functions as a floatation device, carrying straws or vials of semen (or prepared sperm) when freezing with liquid nitrogen vapour. The CryoFloater provides a constant distance between the straws/vials and the nitrogen surface, thereby allowing the sperm to freeze in the vapour, not in the fluid.

Watch video tutorial – Freezing

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  • The CryoFloater is a non-sterile floating device made of Polyethylene.
  • Intended use is to float on liquid nitrogen carrying straws or vials of prepared sperm/semen for liquid nitrogen vapour freezing.
  • Provides a constant distance between the straws and the nitrogen surface as the nitrogen evaporates. The sperm will be frozen in the vapour of the nitrogen.
  • Tested extensively to determine the optimal height over the nitrogen surface.
  • Serves as a perfect back-up system in the case of brake-down of a programmed-freezer.
  • Quite inexpensive considering its usefulness.
  • Polyethylene foam

Performance Characteristics

Distance above liquid nitrogen surface:

  • Vials 20 mm


Diameter of the floater

  • 120 mm
Storage and Stability

Do not store in direct sunlight.

Precautions and warnings
  • CryoFloater does not present a fire or combustion hazard. A material safety data sheet is available from the distributor or manufacturer.
  • Not for drug, household or other uses.
  • Federal Law (USA) restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician.
  • Please check for regulatory compliance governing the use of ART products in your country.
  • Discard with normal waste.
  • Do not use if broken.
General recommendations

Although it is possible to freeze unprocessed semen, we recommend that the ejaculate be prepared on a PureSperm density gradient and washed with PureSperm Wash before adding Sperm CryoProtec. This method removes seminal plasma as well as ROS and their sources, thereby ensuring optimal recovery of motile sperm after thawing.


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