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Improve Your Sperm Freezing Procedure

We recommend placing the straws on a pre-cooled steel tray to minimize fluctuations in temperature during equilibration in the refrigerator prior to cryopreservation. This way the straws will stay cold when moving them from the refrigerator and placing them on the...

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At Nidacon we always want to improve and if you want to help us, please fill out the survey that was sent a couple of days ago. We have heard about problems opening the survey through the provided link. In that case, try copying the link and paste it into the web...

Visit the new Web site from Nidacon

We have had our old web page for many years now. It has been of great help for both us and our customers, but we realised the time had come for an update. The new Nidacon web site is based on more modern techniques and is more structured. The design has the ambition...

“Reproduction is a rather important subject because without that we are not going anywhere”

Dr. Paul Holmes

Life is a collaboration – we want to know what you think!

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In the following survey we would like you to rank your customer experience with Nidacon (with 1 being the lowset and 6 as the highest or best grade). The survey covers a range of areas, and your participation will help us further improve our customer service and performance.

So, why Nidacon?

Nidacon understands that the first steps towards successful artificial reproduction are the most important. We do our best to provide the tools and methods to make sure that they are done correctly. Helping our customers help theirs – Right from the start.

Nidacon products

Nidacon develops, manufactures, and markets a wide range of medical devices and solutions for assisted reproduction and artificial insemination. We provide our customers with the products, tools, and methods that ensure the best assisted reproduction outcomes possible.

We’ve got your back

By definition, reproduction is always a team effort. At Nidacon, we are always available to assist you with any questions regarding our products and how they are used and with tips as to how to get the most from our solutions. We are only successful when our clients are successful.